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Because of the interaction between Prosharp and instrument manufacturers overseas it is possible to get quantities of top quality instruments.

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Podiatry Consumables Now on Prosharp Podiatry

  • Screen Shot 2022 10 02 At 10.07.20 PmAdd to cart

    Autoclave Pouch 57 x 133mm Self Seal BOX 200

    $9.86 ex GST
  • 3d Nail Revivecdu With Box 1Add to cart
    SKU: PSNR001

    Nail Revive Counter Display

    $189.00 ex GST
  • Screen Shot 2022 10 02 At 11.17.21 PmAdd to cart
    SKU: PSSNSM0205

    Swann-Morton Scalpel Blade No.15 BOX/100

    $37.70 ex GST
  • Screen Shot 2022 10 02 At 10.07.20 PmAdd to cart

    Autoclave Pouch 135 x 283mm Self Seal BOX 200

    $19.94 ex GST
  • Screen Shot 2022 10 02 At 11.54.51 PmAdd to cart
  • 0ce5cca54ffdf3bc7ad41f924b57e713Add to cart
  • Screen Shot 2022 10 02 At 11.07.23 PmAdd to cart
    SKU: PSBNBB515

    Braun Blade No.15 Aesculap BOX/100

    $28.35 ex GST
  • 7abd4ff4eed5012a6816780711ffafb8Add to cart
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  • Pr 798 Copy.pngAdd to cart
    SKU: PR798

    Rampley Forceps 17cm

    $16.28 ex GST
  • Pr 824 Copy.pngAdd to cart
    SKU: PR824

    Adson Tissue Forceps 1X2 Teeth 14cm

    $8.40 ex GST
  • Pr 1018 Copy.pngAdd to cart
    SKU: PR1018

    Nail Probe Straight and Blunt 14cm

    $8.35 ex GST
  • Pr 474 1.pngAdd to cart
    SKU: PR474

    Ingrown Nail Clipper Slim Jaw 11.5cm

    $31.49 ex GST
  • Pr 686 Copy.pngAdd to cart
  • Am 062 Copy.pngAdd to cart
  • Pr 536.pngAdd to cart
    SKU: PR536

    Nail Clipper Straight Jaw 14cm

    $52.49 ex GST
  • Pr 550.pngAdd to cart
    SKU: PR550

    Cuticle Nipper Box-joint 7mm Jaw 11.5cm

    $16.80 ex GST
  • Pr 924 Copy.pngAdd to cart
  • Pr 638 Copy.pngAdd to cart
    SKU: DF6

    Diamond Deb Foot Dresser File 15cm

    $7.88 ex GST
  • Pr 532.pngAdd to cart
    SKU: PR532

    Ingrown Nail Nipper Curved 15cm

    $45.10 ex GST
  • Pr 742 Copy.pngAdd to cart
    SKU: PR742

    Mosquito Forceps CVD 12.5cm

    $10.45 ex GST

Top Selling Products

  • Pr 442.pngAdd to cart
  • Out of StockPr 582.pngRead more
    SKU: PR582

    Scalpel Handle No 3

    $8.39 ex GST
  • Small Tree Shape Carbide BurrAdd to cart
    SKU: CB1

    Small Tree Shape Carbide Burr

    $17.80 ex GST
  • Pr 440.pngAdd to cart
  • Out of StockPr 934 Copy.pngRead more
    SKU: PR934

    Podiatry Wound Retractor 15cm 13X5mm

    $16.80 ex GST
  • Pr 752 Copy.pngAdd to cart
    SKU: PR752

    Towel Clamp Forceps 13cm

    $12.08 ex GST
  • Out of StockPr 802 Copy.pngRead more
    SKU: PR802

    Kocher Forceps Straight 17cm

    $15.23 ex GST
  • Out of StockPr 788 Copy.pngRead more
    SKU: PR788

    Roberts Artery Forceps Straight 20cm

    $15.23 ex GST